HeroesOfficer Matt Parkman awakens in a laboratory after going out for a drink, which turned out to be drugged. He’s strapped down to a table, where he has been observed by the same man who followed Mohinder Suresh to New York – the same man Claire Bennet knows as her adopted father. Or knew, before an untimely death befell her during a classmate’s attempt to rape her. She returns to life in the morgue, her body regenerating itself after not only the injury that killed her, but the routine slicing and dicing of a perfectly normal autopsy. Claire escapes and makes her way home before she is identified. In New York, Suresh tracks down Nathan Petrelli and tries to warn him that a man named Sylar may be out to kill him, but Petrelli ignores the warning – despite Suresh asking if he has any unusual abilities. Petrelli’s next stop is to see his younger brother Peter, who he accuses of putting Suresh up to the “gag.” Nathan gives Peter an envelope full of money and asks him to disappear before he causes any embarrassing problems for Nathan’s run for Congress. Peter then goes to find Suresh for himself, to whom he admits having unusual powers, but has already noticed that he only has those powers around other people. Hiro, after returning to Japan from his harrowing trip into the future, returns to the United States by more conventional means, bringing Ando with him. Hiro makes sure to follow the course of action that Mendez’ comic book has predicted, which brings the two to Las Vegas in a rental car. Ando insists on gambling to raise the money for the remainder of their trip, but when Hiro sees that his friend has put everything on a single bet, he stops time to make sure that Ando doesn’t lose. When he reveals to Ando how his bet was won, Ando wants to keep going, despite Hiro’s protests that it’s dishonorable behavior. Before long, though, they’re told most forcefully that they’re not welcome at the casino. Elsewhere in Vegas, Nathan Petrelli has come to see a multimillionaire named Linderman about campaign funding, but first he runs into Niki Sanders, who has been promised that her debt to Linderman will be forgiven if she gives Petrelli a special welcome.

Order the DVDswritten by Bryan Fuller
directed by Ernest Dickerson
music by Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman / vocals by Shenkar

Guest Cast: Nora Zehetner (Eden McCain), James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi), Matt Lanter (Brody Mitchum), Eugene Byrd (Petrelli’s campaign manager), Danielle Savre (Jackie Wilcox), Ashley Crow (Sandra Bennet), Deirdre Quinn (Tina), Thomas Dekker (Zach), Nicole Bilderback (Ms. Sakamoto)

Original Title: Come Together

LogBook entry by Earl Green