Guardian Of The Abyss

Hammer House Of HorrorMichael and Laura, two antiques dealers leaving an auction with their newly-acquired wares, are accosted by another antique dealer, Simon Andrews, who has a particular interest in an ornate mirror Laura has acquired. With a series of symbols etched into its frame, it is a bit odd, though Andrews is quick to offer £50 for it…at which point Michael advises Laura to let him have it professionally appraised before making any deals. As Michael drives home with the mirror, he nearly hits a young woman in the road. She claims that men are chasing her, and she needs help; Michael drives her home to try to learn more about her story. She seems to have escaped from a cult whose aim is to summon the guardian of the abyss into earthly existence – and one of the things they need to accomplish this is a scrying glass, the object Michael thought was a mirror. The girl, Allison, seems to have a connection to the one Michael is taking to be appraised – and the glass is also connected to one already in the possession of cult leader Charles Randolph, who tracks Michael and Allison down. Randolph needs a sacrifice to summon the unearthly force, and Michael isn’t willing to let Allison be sacrificed….but it turns out that she isn’t the one who’s been in danger all along.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by David Fisher
directed by Don Sharp
music by John McCabe

Adventures of SupermanCast: Ray Lonnen (Michael Roberts), Rosalyn Landor (Allison), John Carson (Charles Randolph), Paul Darrow (Andrews), Barbara Ewing (Laura), Caroline Langrishe (Tina), Sophie Thompson (1st Girl), Sharon Fussey (2nd Girl), Barry McDonald (Auctioneer)

Adventures of SupermanNotes: Aired during the long gap between the third and fourth series of Blake’s 7, this episode of Hammer House Of Horror was filmed at a time when guest star Paul Darrow believed that his star-making role had come to an end, since that series’ continuation wasn’t announced until the night of the thought-to-be-final episode. Guest star Rosalyn Landor would later have a guest starring role on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1989‘s Up The Long Ladder). Both Darrow and John Carson would later make guest appearances on Doctor Who, Darrow in 1985‘s Timelash and Carson in 1983‘s Snakedance.

LogBook entry by Earl Green