Give ‘Em Enough Rope

The Green HornetThe Daily Sentinel publishes an artcle about racketeering operations in the area, and one misplaced word draws a libel lawsuit from one of the men named in the article. While Britt Reid prepares to fend off the legal action, he suspects something else is going on – the Green Hornet and Kato, who the police and press (including one of Reid’s own reporters) identify as criminals – will have to infiltrate the insurance fraud racket to discover who’s really involved and shut the operation down.

written by Gwen Bagni & Paul Dubov
directed by Seymour Robbie
music by Billy May

The Green HornetCast: Van Williams (The Green Hornet), Bruce Lee (Kato), Wende Wagner (Lenore Case), Lloyd Gough (Mike Axford), Walter Brooke (District Attorney Frank Scanlon), Diana Hyland (Claudia Bromley), Mort Mills (Alex Colony), Joe Sirola (Charley), David Renard (Joe Sweek), Jerry Ayres (Pete), Ken Strange (Big Bruiser)

LogBook entry by Earl Green