Crime Wave

The Green HornetA daring heist on an airplane still on the tarmac is blamed on the Green Hornet – after all, his calling card was literally left at the scene of the crime. Britt Reid is stunned when a letter, postmarked over half a day before the heist, is delivered to him, describing the crime in detail. The sender, a man named Marcus, claims to have a computer that can predict crimes before they happen, and provides Reid with a detailed account of another crime yet to be committed. Marcus is almost certainly the perpetrator, but coming up with evidence to that effect will prove difficult…unless the “criminal mastermind” known as the Green Hornet tries to horn in on Marcus’ action. Marcus, of course, wants the loot from his crimes to himself, and tries to set the Green Hornet up for a fall…but the Green Hornet and Kato don’t need a crime-predicting computer to know when they’re being set up to take the fall.

written by Sheldon Stark
directed by Larry Peerce
music by Billy May

The Green HornetCast: Van Williams (The Green Hornet), Bruce Lee (Kato), Wende Wagner (Lenore Case), Lloyd Gough (Mike Axford), Walter Brooke (District Attorney Frank Scanlon), Peter Haskell (Abel Marcus), Sheilah Wells (Laura Spinner), Gary Owens (Newscaster), Jennifer Stuart (Stewardess), Dee Carroll (Woman), Ron Burke (Joe), Wayne Sutherlin (Clown), Jack Garner (Guard 1), Ken Strange (Guard 2)

LogBook entry by Earl Green