Terror of MechaGodzilla

GodzillaA submarine is conducting a fruitless search under the ocean for the scattered remains of Mechagodzilla, when it is suddenly attacked and destroyed by a mysterious giant creature. Meanwhile, a pair of aliens are plotting to take control of the Earth, in part because their own planet is falling into the black hole, and also because the people of Earth have not been very good stewards of the planet. They plan to enlist the aid of Shizou Mifune, who has been ostracized and vilified by the scientific community for his outlandish theories. The aliens want him to control the giant beast, the Titanosaurus. As an added incentive, the aliens will put the rebuilt Mechagodzilla at Mifune’s disposal. Meanwhile, biologist Ichinose is also looking for Mifune, who may have information on the beast that destroyed the sub. His daughter, Katsura, though tells him that Mifune is dead.

Katsura tells Ichinose via telephone not to lead another submarine expedition. He insists on going anyway. When she hangs up, one of the aliens shoots Katsura with a laser, and it’s revealed that she had died several years before in a lab experiment, and is now a cyborg. She has a device implanted in her to control Titanosaurus. The alien orders her to direct Titanosaurus to attack the sub. Trying desperately to contact headquarters, Ichinose and the crew turn on all sorts of electronic transmission devices. One, a supersonic beam, causes the monster great pain. The crew escapes and following thier report, government officials order construction of a giant Supersonic Beam Oscillator.

Mifune argues with his cyborg daughter about turning over the planet to the aliens. But he insists he is seeking revenge against all who have mocked him. He releases Titanosaurus on Tokyo. While the Japanese Defense Force wages a fierce battle against the beast, Godzilla arrives to challenge the monster. The aliens plan for the two monsters to fight, with Godzilla defeating the other, but too weak to battle Mechagodzilla. Instead, Titanosaurus retreats.

Ichinose investigates a mountainous area, and is captured by aliens who take him to their base. There he finds Mifune and his cyborg daughter. The aliens flee, taking Ichinose, Mifune and Katsura. Another team of Interpol agents breach the mountain, but not before the aliens unleash Mechagodzilla. The agents lead several captives away, escaping moments before the aliens destroy the base, moving their operations to Mifune’s home.

Mechagodzilla meets with Titanosaurus, and they begin a destructive rampage across Tokyo. Godzilla returns to face the two other monsters. He is knocked over by a strong wind created by Titanosaurus. As he gets up, he is blasted by the eye-lasers of Mechagodzilla. As he falls, Titanosaurus kicks Godzilla over a range of mountains. Not willing to give up, Godzilla continues the fight. But the pummeling and biting of Titanosaurus and the blasting by Mechagodzilla prove to be too much. He collapses in a heap and is dumped into a crevice. His adversaries bury him, and Titanosaurus dances a victory jig on the mound.

A helicopter carrying the just constructed Supersonic Beam Oscillator disrupts the alien control over the beast, confusing it. Mechagodzilla takes aim at the helicopter, but Godzilla rises again and blasts the metal monster with his nuclear breath. The two wage a fierce battle, with Godzilla managing to get within arms reach and begins to pound on the doppelganger.

Ichinose breaks free of his bonds as agents surround the house. Katsura holds him at gunpoint, but she is shot by one of the agents. As she lies wounded, Ichinose holds her in his arms and declares his love for her. But she confesses that the monster control device is inside her, and she must die to stop their rampage. She kills herself, causing Mechagodzilla to come to a stop. Godzilla rips its head, smashes Mechagodzilla, and drops it into a crevice. The aliens try to flee the planet, but their ships are blasted by Godzilla. The King of the Monsters blasts at Titanosaurus, who falls off a cliff into the ocean. The other giants defeated, Godzilla swims away.

written by Yuki Takayama
directed by Ishiro Honda
music by Akira Ifukabe

Human Cast: Katsuhiko Sasaki (Akira Ichinose), Tomoko Ai (Katsura Mifune), Akihiko Hirata (Dr. Shizou Mifune), Goro Mutsumi (Alien Leader)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, Titanosaurus

Notes: Notes: The English language North American release includes a preamble about the origins of Godzilla, but removed a torture scene, the squishing of a couple of kids, Katsura’s suicide, and some sexual content. Most of these scenes were restored in the new DVD release from Classic Media, although the original English language cut can still be viewed at video.aol.com.
This concludes the Showa Era of Godzilla movies. No further Godzilla movies were produced until 1984.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson