Godzilla vs. Destroyah

GodzillaGodzilla, with his chest glowing red hot, surfaces at Hong Kong. He destroys the harbor area, and returns to the ocean, creating massive amounts of steam. Godzilla is overheating. It’s quite likely an explosion of Godzilla caused by the nuclear fission taking place in his body could destroy the world.

A scientist has developed “micro-oxygen” with plans to use it to end world hunger. But it also turns out to be very similar in composition to the oxygen destroyer developed by Dr. Serizawa when battling Godzilla in the mid 1950s. Plans are made to use the new research to find a way to kill Godzilla.

A fish kill at a Tokyo museum is determined to have been caused by pre-historic microorganisms that reacted to the original oxygen destroyer. Several have now grown over ten feet tall and are infesting an industrial area. They look like giant ticks with long necks, and can emit a destructive heat beam from their mouths. With great loss of life, a Special Forces unit destroys some of the creatures, but is overwhelmed

Godzilla arrives in Tokyo, and is heading toward a nuclear power plant, in an attempt to get more fuel to feed the fission that is also killing him. G-Force dispatches the Super-X III against the King of the Monsters. They encounter Godzilla in Tokyo Bay and use freeze weapons to cool him down. The threat of explosion has been eliminated. Once he thaws out, Godzilla heads back out to sea.

Little Godzilla has grown substantially, and now resembles Godzilla, only shorter. It’s moving toward the Bering Sea, with Godzilla following. But Godzilla’s temperature is rising again. This time, though, instead of exploding, he would melt down, burning to and destroying the core of the Earth.

Several of the Destroyah break out of the industrial facility, and combine into one giant monster. It easily destroys the military units surrounding it and flies off. A reluctant Migi Saegusa agrees to use her psi powers to draw Little Godzilla to Destroyah. The plan is to use Destroyah’s oxygen destroying capabilities to eliminate Godzilla before he can melt down. Destroyah and Little Godzilla converge in downtown Tokyo.

Little Godzilla is taking a beating. Destroyah has him on the ground and is inserting micro-oxygen into the Little Godzilla, weakening him. Little Godzilla uses his nuclear breath to blast Destroyah off him. Godzilla, burning and smoking, arrives in Tokyo. He meets up with his younger name-sake.

Destroyah, emerges from a burning area of the city, mutated and much larger than before. Meanwhile, Godzilla’s temperature continues to increase. The Super X III is again sent to try to chill him down. Destroyah flies in and snatches Little Godzilla, dropping beast into a building and then blasting at it, killing Little Godzilla.

Destroyah and Godzilla face off. Destroyah gets the upper hand, and drags the other monster into the bay. Godzilla picks himself up and makes his way to the body of Little Godzilla. But Destroyah stands in his way. With his body overheating from the extra energy, Godzilla blasts at Destroyah several times. Destroyah dissaembles itself into several smaller monsters, but Godzilla smashes them.

Godzilla again moves toward Little Godzilla. Super X III approaches Godzilla. The King of the Monsters bends down to transfer some of his life energy to the younger creature, but is interrupted by another attack by Destroyah. Using its tail, it lassos Godzilla and throws him aside. Godzilla is beginning to melt down, emitting concentric bands of energy as he does so. To keep Destroyah from escaping, G-Force units blast at it with freeze weapons, causing it to crash to the ground, dead.

Godzilla has now reached super-critical temperature and is melting. G-Force launches a constant barrage of freeze weapons to keep him from melting to the Earth’s core. The heat and the cold make his body unstable and it dissolves. The radiation increases to massive levels, but then subsides. It’s been absorbed by Little Godzilla, who rises from the ashes of Tokyo.

The King of the Monsters is dead. Long Live Godzilla.

screenplay by Kazuki Omori
directed by Takao Okawara
music by Akira Ifukube

Human Cast: Yasufuni Hayashi (Kenichi Yamani), Yoko Ishino (Yukari Yamane), Megumi Odaka (Miki Saegusa), Takura Tatsumi (Kensaku Ijuin)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Destroyah, Little Godzilla

Notes: Momoko Kochi reprises her role as Emiko Yamani from the original Gojira. This ends the Heisei series of Godzilla movies. The next was the U.S.-made Godzilla. The next Godzilla movie produced by Toho Studios of Japan would be Godzilla 2000.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson