Basic Win-stincts

Game OverRip Smashenburn has two big problems – he can’t seem to win a race, and his wife is pulling in four times as much money as he is. Rip takes his competitive nature to extremes in an attempt to compensate, while Billy becomes obsessed with bagging a bitter and better trophy than the “participant” trophy he landed in a motocross tournament. But will either of them get the big win they’re looking for?

Order the DVDGuest Cast: James Sie (Sam Chang), Dave Sheridan (Alonzo / Eskimo / Announcer), Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Tiffany / Brandy), James Arnold Taylor (Sports Psychologist / Troll / Football Player)

Notes: Billy passes Frogger en route to cross a busy street to reach a trophy shop.

LogBook entry by Earl Green