All Work And All Play

Game OverBilly is going to be in a school play, and Raquel discovers that her constant adventuring has earned her a label of being a bad mother in the eyes of neighbors and other parents, and she sets out to correct that perception – but perhaps she’s trying too hard. In the meantime, Turbo finds himself on the bad side of a loan shark, and Rip is disturbed when Alice starts to fall for a particularly lascivious member of his pit crew.

Order the DVDwritten by Ross Venokur
music by Jeff Sudakin
additional music by Christopher Tyng

Guest Cast: Marie Matiko (Dark Princess / Punching Dolphin), James Sie (Ninja), Jessica Glassberg (Sylvie Glassberg), John Michael Higgins (Ransom Transom / Sparks), Jeffrey Tambor (Dr. Zed), James Arnold Taylor (Announcer / Big Rubes / Zeke)

LogBook entry by Earl Green