Alice And The C.A.T.s

Game OverAlice’s C.A.T. test is upcoming, the score from which determines a video game character’s future. But Raquel is horrified when Alice completely and utterly fails – more than that, she didn’t even try. Billy, in the meantime, is facing a test of his own as he tries to win the heart of a girl named Suki, and may have to can his hip lingo long enough to ask his father for advice.

Order the DVDwritten by Gregory Greenberg
music by Christopher Tyng

Guest Cast: Marie Matiko (Suki), James Sie (Sam Chang), John Michael Higgins (Sully / Guidance Counselor / Proctor)

Notes: Rip says his father was “too obsessed with fixing toilets while gorillas hurled barrels at him.” And Suki says her family needs her back in Japan because “it is Godzilla season – we kill him many times.”

LogBook entry by Earl Green