From The Earth To The MoonIn 1962, Grumman Aerospace wins the contract for the construction of the lunar excursion module which will land on the moon with two astronauts. And getting the contract is the only easy part of the project. Over the next seven years, Grumman’s engineers, and project manager Tom Kelly, race against time to create a vehicle that has never been imagined before, using materials and methods that have never been conceived before. If the finished LEM isn’t delivered to NASA on time, Kelly and his employees could lose their jobs…but if NASA gets a LEM that isn’t spaceworthy, astronauts could lose their lives in the quest to reach the moon safely.

Order the DVDswritten by Andy Wolk
directed by Graham Yost
music by Mason Daring

Cast: Remi Aubuchon (Engineer Bob), Redd Birney (John Houbolt), David Brisben (Allyn B. Hazard), Max Brown (Glennan), Matt Craven (Tom Kelly), Brett Cullen (Dave Scott), Keith Borman (Kelly’s assistant), John Drew (Mylar engineer), Dann Florek (Robert Seamans), Randell Haynes (Houbolt’s critic #1), Steve Hofvendahl (Tom Stafford), Clint Howard (Paul Lucas), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), Paul Kiernan (Glennan’s assistant), Brian LaFontaine (Young engineer), Mark Lainer (Doubting engineer), Matthew Lussier (Arnold Whitaker), Phillip Martinez (John Coursen), Fred Mooneyham (Houbolt’s critic #2), Kieran Mulroney (Rusty Schweickart), Dean Napolitano (Seaman’s assistant), John Nutten (Colleague #1), Conor O’Farrell (James McDivitt), Holmes Osborne (George Low), Stan Petter (Colleague #2), Alan Ruck (Tom Dolan), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Grant Shaud (Bob Carbee), Russell Warner (John Rigsby), Norbert Weisser (Wernher Von Braun), Graham Yost (Engineer Dave)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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