La Voyage Dans La Lune

From The Earth To The MoonStory: In 1902, French filmmaker George Melies begins working on a new movie in his Montreux studio – but instead of a documentary about famous locales in France, he decides to film a fantastic tale about men traveling to the moon, something which few of his actors consider more than a fanciful fiction. But some seventy years later, Apollo 17 – the last of the Apollo moon missions – has landed on the moon in December 1972, and astronauts Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt are performing the longest moonwalk in history. Melies’ spectacular movie about a trip to the moon was eventually procured and copied en masse by Thomas Edison, robbing the French director of even the slightest portion of his film’s financial rewards. And seven decades later, politics and safety concerns are about about to rob the world of another, even more precious, opportunity – the Apollo program of lunar exploration is about to end.

Order the DVDswritten by Tom Hanks
directed by Jonathan Mostow
music by Michael Kamen

Cast: Tom Amandes (Jack Schmitt), Bart Braverman (Older Sahjid), David Clyde Carr (Gerry Griffin), David Clennon (Lee Silver), Blythe Danner (Narrator), Chris Ellis (Bob Parker), Keith Flippen (Jason), Tom Hanks (Jean-Luc Despont), George Kapetan (Ed Fendel), Tcheky Saryo (George Melies), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), Jason Khoury (Young Sahjid), Elizabeth Morehead (Tracy Cernan), Tim Parati (Blaisdell), J.C. Quinn (Special effects worker), Michael Roddy (Geologist), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn)

LogBook entry by Earl Green