From The Earth To The MoonWith three successful manned lunar landings under its belt, NASA faces two major public relations hurdles – trying to convince the public that moon shots are anything but routine, and handling a firestorm of criticism from the scientific community, which believes that little actual research is being conducted in the Apollo missions. With the number of future missions dropping due to budget cutbacks, NASA administrators realize that little time remains in which to prove that the Apollo program is about science, not political point-scoring. But there’s only one obstacle to this otherwise admirable plan…finding a geology instructor who won’t bore the astronauts to sleep, someone who can transform jaded test pilots into effective geologists.

Order the DVDswritten by Jeffrey Fiskin and Remi Aubuchon
directed by David Carson
music by Mason Daring

Cast: Tom Amandes (Jack Schmitt), John Aylward (Dr. Ray Pemberton), Barry Dell (Rocco Petrone), David Clyde Carr (Gerry Griffin), David Clennon (Lee Silver), Brett Cullen (Dave Scott), Keith Flippen (Jason), Joe Inscoe (Chester Lee), Marc Macauley (Karl Heinze), Doug McKeon (Joe Allen), Tim Parati (Blaisdell), Michael Raynor (Al Worden), Arland Russell (Geology professor), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Isa Totah (Farouk El-Baz), Tom Verica (Dick Gordon), Gareth Williams (Jim Irwin)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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