For Miles And Miles

From The Earth To The MoonThe career of Alan Shepard, the first American to reach space, is cut short when he suffers a severe bout of what turns out to be Meniere’s Disease, an inner ear condition which robs him of his sense of balance. Shepard is quickly pulled from the flight rotation for the new two-man Gemini flights, and fellow grounded Mercury veteran Deke Slayton convinces him to take a position in the Astronaut Office, selecting and managing flight crews. Shepard doesn’t take to his new duties well, and the junior astronauts fear his often foul moods. But when the opportunity to undergo an unconventional and extremely risky operation to correct his ailment arises, Shepard braves the dangers and emerges a cured man. Now his real challenge begins – can he convince anyone that he is fit for a trip to the moon aboard Apollo 14?

Order the DVDswritten by Erik Bork
directed by Gary Fleder
music by Mark Isham & Jeff Beal

Cast: Dylan Baker (Bruce McCoy), Adam Baldwin (Fred Haise), David Clyde Carr (Jerry Griffin), Gary Cole (Ed Mitchell), Tim Daly (Jim Lovell), Joanna Garcia (Julie Shepard), Henderson Gilleland (Bud), Jerry Hardin (Ben Taylor), Mike Harding (Ben Taylor), Steve Hofvendahl (Tom Stafford), Chris Hogan (Don Kyles), Gwen Hollander (Laura Shepard), Daniel Hugh Kelly (Gene Cernan), David Kelsey (GUIDO), J. LaRose (Anesthesiologist), Ted Levine (Alan Shepard), Andrew Massett (Dr. House), George Newbern (Stu Roosa), Robin O’Dell (Gaye Alford), Kim Ostrenko (Louise Shepard), Jeff Pillars (Charlie), Caroline Ross (Scrub nurse), Andrew Rubin (Jules Bergman), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Tom L. Stearns (Dick), Marty Stonerock (Circulating nurse), Lesa Thurman (Joan Roosa), Robert Treveiler (L. Gordon Cooper), Rick Warner (Julian Bowman), Ashley Ann Wood (Alice Shepard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green