Cupid’s Quiver

Friday The 13th: The SeriesThe brutal murder of a woman in a honeymoon suite repeats the pattern of a previous murder case, and Jack suspects that the common element may be a hideous Cupid statue that Uncle Lewis sold to another man four years ago – and that man, too, was convicted of murdering a woman after seducing her with the aid of a Cupid statue. Ryan and Mickey discover that the statue was taken by a member of a local college fraternity, and they try to track it down, finding that it’s changed hands again. The Cupid is now in the possession of a disturbed young man who is too socially awkward to form normal relationships, and becomes obsessed with women he meets on campus. Ryan and Mickey get themselves invited to the fraternity’s next party to recover the statue before another woman is killed.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Stephen Katz
directed by Atom Egoyan
music by Fred Mollin

Cast: John D. LeMay (Ryan Dallion), Wendy Robey (Mickey Foster), Chris Wiggins (Jack Marshak), Denis Forest (Eddie), Carolyn Dunn (Laurie), Kirsten Kieferle (Bar Girl), Ross Fraser (Hastings), Kevin Lund (Bowser), Dennis Fitzgerald (Harold), Joy Boushel (Redhead), Ardon Bess (Hotel Manager), Peter Faussett (Frat Member), Matt Trueman (Alex), Richard Alden (Security Guard), Patrick Tierney (Bartender), Victor Ertmanis (Jock)

Friday The 13thNotes: Mickey is still engaged to Lloyd (see The Inheritance). Denis Forest also made guest appearances on Nightmare Cafe, The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr., The X-Files, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He would become a regular in the second and final season of Friday The 13th’s syndicated Paramount stablemate, War Of The Worlds, as Malzor. He died in 2002 at the age of 41. He and guest star Carolyn Dunn both made several more appearances in Friday The 13th (as different characters). The episode featured several contemporary songs as source music (in soundtrack terms, background music which the characters can hear, such as from a radio): “Heart Like Mine” and “Try” by Blue Rodeo, “The Breakaway” by David Quinton, “Does It Matter To You” by David Quinton and Anton Evans, and “Do It All Night” and “Party Rock” by Stan Meisner.

LogBook entry by Earl Green