Throne for a Loss

FarscapeRygel attempts to impress a group of aliens with his royal status in order to earn the crew some work hauling cargo. Unfortunately the Tavleks are much more interested in earning a ransom from his “kingdom,” so they quickly kidnap the deposed Dominar. The crew does take one of the attackers hostage, and capture his weapon: a gauntlet that pumps its wearer full of stimulants to boost strength and aggression. Zhaan tries to reach out to the prisoner, now suffering from withdrawal. Crichton and Aeryn manage to get the gauntlet from an on-the-warpath D’Argo only to find that Rygel had taken an important control crystal from Moya in order to pull off his ruse – and without the crystal, Moya cannot survive for long.

Order the DVDswritten by Richard Manning
directed by Pino Amenta
music by Subvision

Guest Cast: John Adam (Bekhesh), Jeremiah Tickell (Kyr), Zoe Dimakis (Hontovek), Api Bavadra (Nonk)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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