The Peacekeeper Wars Part 2

FarscapeSikozu ignites the gas to begin the group’s escape, while a group of Luxan commandos led by Jothee – and with the advantage of modern stealth technology – picks up D’Argo and Chiana and launches an attack on the Scarran ship. During the escape, Crichton manages to transfer the fetus, successfully making Aeryn pregnant for the second time with the same child. On their way back to the water planet, Crichton concludes he’s out of options and takes the module to meet Einstein once more. This time, he wants all the restraints removed . . . now, he wants to know the secrets of wormhole weapons. Einstein agrees that it is time, even as he reminds Crichton that eventually, time ends.

On the water planet, Braca’s troops have tried to defend against Charrid attackers, but many of the Eidolon descendants have been killed. A small number remain, however, maybe even enough to do some good – if they can survive long enough. Stark transfers the ancient Eidolon’s knowledge to the leader of the surviving group. The Luxans and Moya’s crew prepare to join in the defense, and in the middle of the battle, Crichton and Aeryn’s child reveals he’s inherited his parents’ sense of timing. Mother and father finally say “I do” moments before baby makes three. The retreat from the water planet is not a bloodless one, as Scorpius discovers the identity of the Scarran spy and another of Moya’s crew perishes to ensure the others’ escape. Back on Moya, caught between the Scarrans and a Peacekeeper fleet led by Grayza, Crichton realizes the moment of truth has come: it is time to risk everything for one last opportunity for peace.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by David Kemper and Rockne S. O’Bannon
directed by Brian Henson
music by Guy Gross

Cast: Ben Browder (Commander John Crichton), Claudia Black (Officer Aeryn Sun), Anthony Simco (Ka D’Argo), Gigi Edgley (Chiana), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Lani Tupu (voice of Pilot), Paul Goddard (Stark), David Franklin (Captain Braca), Tammy McIntosh (Jool), Raelee Hill (Sikozu), Melissa Jaffer (Noranti), Rebecca Riggs (Commandant Grayza), Francesca Buller (Ahkna), Matt Newton (Jothee), Duncan Young (Staleek), John Bach (Einstein)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer