Season of Death

FarscapeScorpius hides on the ice planet, looking to avoid any confrontation until his command carrier can retrieve him and the vital chip he has taken from Crichton’s brain. Jothee and Chiana get closer aboard Moya, while Rygel returns to the planet and discovers Crichton’s plight. Zhaan achieves a telepathic rapport with the still-mute Crichton, who begs her to kill him and free him from the Scorpius clone that still remains implanted in his mind. Instead his friends urge the Diagnosan, recovered from its injuries, to repair Crichton’s brain – a surgery that can only be performed with tissue from the bodies that remain frozen in the donor bank. A despairing Crichton earns a victory when he realizes that without the chip, he can mentally overpower the clone. It may be for naught, however, as a Scarran has arrived, chasing both the Moya crew and Scorpius. Crichton and D’Argo’s only hope may be Zhaan, who risks everything to summon help from beyond.

Season 3 Regular Cast: Ben Browder (Commander John Crichton), Claudia Black (Officer Aeryn Sun), Virginia Hey (Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan), Anthony Simcoe (Ka’a D’Argo), Gigi Edgley (Chiana), Lani Tupu (Captain Bialar Crais), Wayne Pygram (Scorpius)

Order the DVDswritten by Richard Manning
directed by Ian Watson
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Matt Newton (Jothee), David Franklin (Lt. Braca), Thomas Holesgrove (Diagnosan Tocot/Plonek), Aaron Catalan (Officer Kobrin)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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