Rhapsody in Blue

FarscapeMoya initiates a sudden StarBurst when she hears a distress call from another pregnant Leviathan. Upon arrival, however, the crew learns that the signal was actually sent by a Delvian sect seeking Zhaan’s help. In their efforts to develop the power needed to free their world from the Peacekeepers, they have unleashed their own darker impulses; their leader is already insane, and his daughter and successor Tahleen is soon to follow. Only Zhaan has the knowledge and power to restrain those impulses, and Tahleen implores Zhaan to join her in mental unity in order to share that knowledge. Shaken by the memory of the last time she entered such a unity, and against Crichton’s better judgment, she agrees. But Tahleen has no plans for a peaceful exchange, and her betrayal may trap Zhaan in a state of madness and the rest of Moya’s crew in a prison of illusions and false memories.

Order the DVDsstory by David Kemper and Ro Hume
teleplay by David Kemper
directed by Andrew Prowse
music by Subvision

Guest Cast: Darlene Vogel (Alexandra/Lorana), Kate Raison (Tahleen), Max Phipps (Tuzak), Michael Beckley (Hasko), Aaron Cash (Pa’u Bitaal), Grant Magee (Jothee), Robert Supple (Young Crichton)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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