Look at the Princess Part 2: I Do, I Think

FarscapeHaving Starbursted away from the Royal Planet in a futile effort to draw Scorpius away, Moya has encountered one of the Builders, the Leviathans’ creators and gods. The meeting is bittersweet; upon learning of Moya’s parenting of Talyn, the Builder determines that she must be decommissioned. Over Zhaan’s pleas, Moya begins to shut herself down. Crichton doesn’t fare much better, as he’s now a target not only of Scorpius, but of Clavor and the Scarran agents who want to ensure that Clavor takes the throne. Attempts to ensure his safety only lead to betrayals and desperate escapes, until the time of the wedding finally arrives. To avoid being at the ceremony, Aeryn accepts a would-be suitor’s invitation to go rock-climbing, an expedition that leaves both of them injured. The rest of the crew watches as Crichton and Katralla are wed – and then, as is the planet’s custom, transformed into living statues, to spend the next eighty cycles learning the ways of the court.

Order the DVDswritten by David Kemper
directed by Andrew Prowse
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Wayne Pygram (Scorpius), Felicity Price (Princess Katralla), Bianca Chiminello (Jenavian Charto), Matt Day (Counsellor Elka Tyno), Tina Bursill (Empress Novia), Felix Williamson (Prince Clavor), Aaron Cash (Dregon), Gavin Robins (Cargn), Francesca Buller (ro-NA), Jonathan Hardy (Kahaynu)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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