Infinite Possibilities Part 2: Icarus Abides

FarscapeHarvey appears to have won the battle for control of Crichton’s body. Aeryn reluctantly prepares to shoot him when Jack intervenes – the clone is in control for a moment, but it’s a last, dying gasp. Crichton is free, and he quickly grasps the wormhole information flooding his mind. An advance Scarran scout boards Talyn and demands that Stark instruct the ship to prepare a neural interface that will let it take control; Stark and a recovering Crais plot to eliminate this threat. Furlow turns on the others, killing Jack and planning to sell the tech to the Scarrans, including the new wormhole weapon. Crichton and Aeryn chase her through the desert. Crichton eventually overtakes Furlow; during their fight the weapon is tossed from her vehicle, where the weapon’s power supply is exposed. Furlow once more urges Crichton to run away with her, where they can profitably exploit their knowledge. But Crichton knows the Scarrans are coming. He has to get the weapon aboard the copy of his module and into space – even if it means exposing himself to the weapon’s massive radiation.

Order the DVDswritten by Carleton Eastlake
directed by Ian Watson
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Kent McCord (Jack Crichton), Magda Szubanski (Furlow), Thomas Holesgrove (Alcar), Noel Hodda (Charrid Leader 2)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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