Green Eyed Monster

FarscapeStark, Rygel, Aeryn and one of the Crichtons are now passengers on Talyn, on the run from the retrieval squad. Crichton seems to be having particular trouble getting used to his new surroundings, and accuses Crais of using his control over Talyn to harass him. The argument is interrupted by the appearance of a Budong, which invites Talyn inside for lunch. Crichton and Aeryn manage to temporarily anchor the ship to the beast’s insides, but that’s a temporary solution at best. When Rygel and Stark attempt to rendezvous with Talyn in their transport pod, the sight of the Budong sends Stark into a panic. The sight of Aeryn and Crais consummating their relationship, which Crichton finds on a surveillance log, sends Crichton into a very different state, especially when Aeryn decides to accept a neural interface with Talyn. Stark eventually calms down enough to help hatch an escape plan. But for it to work will require Talyn’s cooperation, and Crichton soon learns that Crais is not as in control of the warship as he appears.

Order the DVDswritten by Ben Browder
directed by Tony Tilse
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: none

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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