Duck, Duck Goose

Eureka As Jo battens the hatches in preparation for the high school science fair, Zoe deals with pressure from her IQ test and from classmates who want to be sure she knows her place in the intellectual pecking order. Carter’s efforts to join Allison and Stark in a workout at the gym are mercifully interrupted by a falling object that plows straight through his jeep. Henry suggests that Carter bring the object to Global Dynamics’ labs, where a bitter assistant researcher named Finn mans the telescopes and identifies the fallen object as a piece of space debris. Another piece of debris hits, and an amusing anecdote of automotive destruction becomes a serious situation. Finn does another scan of the area above Eureka and discovers that a huge field of debris is falling out of orbit and headed straight for Eureka. Carter suspects he’ll find clues as to why at the science fair . . . but the connection between the fair and Global Dynamics doesn’t run quite the way he expected.

Order the DVDswritten by Ethan Lawrence
directed by Michael Lange
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Matt Frewer (Taggart)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer