A Night at Global Dynamics

Eureka Henry, Beverly, Allison and Kevin are locked in the director’s office at Global Dynamics – which has now become a bunker miles below the rest of the labs. Henry and Beverly want to use an experimental matter reconstruction device to attempt to separate Kevin from the energy field he has been linked to since the accident. The rest of the building has been evacuated and the automatic security systems engaged because the biohazard systems have detected a mutated form of the bacteria that caused the metal decomposition. The military is quite insistent that if the biohazard is not contained, Eureka will be evacuated and Global Dynamics eradicated. Carter and Stark decide to return to the building to try to save Kevin and Allison, while Fargo tries to run interference from a computer station hidden within SARAH. When Carter and Stark find a group of employees hiding unharmed in the morgue, they realize that the biohazard was a hoax by Henry. Unfortunately, that won’t stop the building’s automatic systems from viewing them as invaders, nor will it stop the military from following its protocols. And if Stark can’t reach the bunker in time, Henry’s efforts to save Kevin may be all for naught.

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music by Bear McCreary

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LogBook entry by Dave Thomer