Eleventh HourA man’s body is found in a disused church, having decayed unusually rapidly; when a volunteer disease containment team is called in to remove the body, they find to their horror that he’s only just now dying. Professor Hood is called to the scene not long afterward. With mere hours to determine the contagious potential of the disease, which could be a new strain of smallpox, the carrier must also be found. A number of leads turns up, including a group of migrant workers who are enduring barely-livable conditions to lie low and avoid deportation, but even with Hood’s best efforts to track the source of the disease down, something isn’t adding up – and worse yet, Rachel may have been contaminated while trying to keep one of the migrant workers from fleeing. Is someone on the team that’s trying to contain the potentially catastrophic outbreak actually working to make sure the disease spreads?

written by Stephen Gallagher
additional material by Simon Stephenson
directed by Terry McDonough
music by The Insects

Cast: Patrick Stewart (Professor Ian Hood), Ashley Jensen (Rachel), Nicholas Woodeson (Martin Callan), Jack Deam (Ellis Gibson), Michael Begley (Ned), Benedict Wong (Danny), Neil Bell (Luke), Will Tacey (Undertaker), Claire Oberman (Eunice), Rina Mahoney (Disease Nurse), Lindsey Dawson (Ned’s Wife), Karen Asemper (Ned’s friend), Lorraine Bruce (Ellis Gibson’s partner), Vincent Wang (Chase victim), Steven Chapman (Bus station guard), Colin Meredith (Tram person), Ian Blower (Grave digger), Danny Burns (Grave digger), Jennifer Chan (Cantonese translator), Michael Woodford (Megaphone copper)

LogBook entry by Earl Green