The Empress Of Evil – Part 1

Electra Woman & Dyna GirlA cackling woman appears in the Electra-Base, telling Frank that she is the Empress of Evil, and she demands that he summon Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to stand before her. Not surprisingly, they decide to take on the Empress on their own terms, but before they can do so, Dyna Girl vanishes, kidnapped by the Empress and relieved of her wrist communicator. Electra Woman has to go it alone to save her, fully aware that she’s almost certainly walking into a trap.

written by Dick Robbins and Duane Poole
directed by Walter Miller
music not credited

Electra Woman & Dyna GirlCast: Deidre Hall (Lori / Electra Woman), Judy Strangis (Judy / Dyna Girl), Norman Alden (Frank Heflin), Claudette Nevins (The Empress), Jacquelyn Hyde (Lucretia)

LogBook entry by Earl Green