Earth: Final ConflictAppointed to a new position of security by the Taelon, Boone uses his newfound authority to continue tracking down his wife’s murderer, leading him to a notorious bounty hunter. Boone uses new abilities bestowed by Taelon technology and his contacts within the resistance to find the killer, but both parties are concerned for their security and Boone walks a fine line between maintaining the Taelons’ security and not giving away the secrets of the resistance. When he discovers who is really responsible for his wife’s death, Boone learns a new meaning to the concept of sacrifice for the sake of the greater good – but is it truly a greater good?

written by Richard C. Okie and Raymond Hartung
directed by Allan Eastman
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Miranda Kwok (Kwai-Ling), John Evans (Morovsky), Lisa Ryder (Kate Boone), Michael Filipowich (Corr), Shari-Lee Guthrie (Dee Dee), Chad McFadden (Dan Spicer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green