Earth: Final ConflictBoone saves a girl who is attempting to commit suicide because of the death of her parents and the loss of her hands in a car crash. Da’an announces that the girl will become Earth’s first public recipient of Taelon bodily regeneration therapy – while Boone wonders why Da’an was so specific in mentioning a “public” recipient. A televangelist who has founded the First Church of the Companions jumps on the wagon when the girl publicly states that the new hands grown for her by the Taelons are a miracle, but eventually those new hands prove to be only temporary. However, alarmingly, Da’an is not at all reluctant to assume the role of a messenger from God.

written by D.C. Fontana
directed by David Warry-Smith
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Earth: Final ConflictGuest Cast: John Evans (Morovsky), Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Dr. Belman), Sam Malkin (Reggie), Emily Hampshire (Julie), Janet Zenik (Ne’eg), Peter Krantz (Travis Murray)

LogBook entry by Earl Green