Law & Order

Earth: Final ConflictRho-ha, the Taelon whose experiment with human DNA went disastrously wrong, stands trial for murder, with Boone and Sandoval assigned to defend him. Boone is skeptical of his legal prowess, but Sandoval insists that secret knowledge of the Taelons’ experiments cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of a non-implant. The prosecuting attorney is none other than Joshua Doors, son of the resistance leader. As the trial progresses and numerous disturbing discoveries are made, it becomes apparent that the Taelon Synod wishes to enforce its own brand of justice, regardless of what fate the human court may decide for Rho-ha.

written by Paul Gertz
directed by Joe Scanlan
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Anita Le Selva (Zo’or), Kari Matchett (Rho-ha), William de Vry (Joshua Doors), Diego Chambers (Travis Perkins), Walker Boone (Willie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green