The Joining

Earth: Final ConflictThough they don’t realize it, the crew of a seagoing salvage ship have discovered more evidence of alien visitors that predate the recent arrival of the Taelons. When a member of the crew tries to steal the alien artifact for his own financial gain, the artifact is activated, kills him, and inhabits his body. Da’an is instantly aware of the alien presence and puts Boone and Sandoval on alert. The alien Ha’gel has come with a warning about what the Taelons do to those less developed races to whom they become Companions – but his own actions are proving lethal to the same race he has come to help.

written by Jonas McCord
directed by Neill Fearnley
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Dr. Belman), Anita Le Selva (Zo’or), Brooke Johnson (Quo’on), Raymond Accolas (Claude Bertrand), Graeme Millington (Randy / Ha’gel), Kari Matchett (Beckett), John Evans (Morovsky), Scott Gibson (Officer Reed)

Notes: This marks Kevin Kilner’s last appearance as a regular cast member on Earth: Final Conflict, as distributor Tribune Entertainment pressured the producers to replace Boone with a younger, more traditionally heroic character. He would return as a guest star during season 5.

LogBook entry by Earl Green