If You Could Read My Mind

Earth: Final ConflictAn attendee of a Taelon conference on psi powers reveals that she has penetrated the psychic bond that keeps all of the Taelons in touch with one another. Zo’or gives Sandoval orders to kill the psychic before she can expose more of the Taelon agenda. The psychic, however, knows enough to seek out Boone for shelter, even as she is being stalked by an assassin hired by Sandoval. Knowing that her days are numbered, she offers to have her insight transferred into Boone’s mind – knowledge that the Taelon scout whose remains were found in Ireland did more than just report on humanity.

written by Julie G. Beers
directed by Milan Cheylov
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Dr. Belman), Shauna MacDonald (Katya Petrenko), Michael Filipowich (Judson Corr), Anita La Selva (Zo’or), Leni Parker (Quo’on), Norma Clarke (Madam Marie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green