Horizon Zero

Earth: Final ConflictIn an unusual intervention, the Taelons cancel a human mission to Mars which has been in the works for years, and the mission’s captain, Chandler, is enraged to learn that he won’t be making another giant step for mankind. Lili is an old friend of Chandler’s, and gives him a ride in a Taelon shuttle to prove how much easier travel can be with the aliens’ technology. But the moment she turns her back, Chandler has hijacked her shuttle, and Da’an is unusually insistent that Chandler must be found and stopped from going to Mars…though the Companion offers no explanation. The unauthorized mission is finally underway, though in a way its captain would never have imagined, and with ominous discoveries made along the way.

written by Richard C. Okie
directed by David Warry-Smith
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Bobby Johnston (Paul Chandler), Andrew Lewarne (Philip Hart), Angela Asher (Frauke Manheim), Neil Dainard (General Kromer), Sandra Caldwell (Newscaster)

LogBook entry by Earl Green