Float Like A Butterfly

Earth: Final ConflictInvestigating a small Amish village where people have begun to commit suicide after beginning to doubt their religious worldview in the wake of the Companions’ arrival, Boone and Lili discover that the suicides may in fact be homicides – and that the killer may be of alien origin. Da’an denies any secret experiments in the area, a story which checks out until Boone stumbles across an alien probe which has sent out deadly remote probes in the form of butterflies, killing the townsfolk. But Da’an, in stating that no Taelon experiments were being conducted on the people of Paradise, may not have been dishonest.

written by Paul Gertz
directed by Jeff Woolnough
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Trevor Blumas (Jedediah), Andrew Dinner (Samuel), Haley Lochner (Rachel Good), Brett Porter (Elijah Good), Richard Denison (Amos), Ed Fielding (Lucas), Brenda Bazinet (Sarah), Steven Bush (Jacob), George Dawson (Abraham)

LogBook entry by Earl Green