Earth: Final ConflictAugur is startled when a holographic image of Rayna, a dead researcher for the resistance, appears and warns him that the alien probe’s secrets – including all that it learned about the resistance – are about to be accessed by the Taelons. Fellow rebel Sahjit, who was going to marry Rayna before the probe killed her, insists on leading the fight to retrieve the probe before the Taelons crack its security systems, perhaps with the misguided hope that he can save Rayna. But the objective of the resistance mission is to destroy the probe if necessary – and at any cost.

written by Alan Templeton
directed by Ross Clyde
music by Micky Erbe & Maribeth Solomon

Guest Cast: Majel Barrett Roddenberry (Dr. Belman), Brooke Johnson (Quo’on), Anita La Selva (Zo’or), Stavroula Logothettis (Kee’sha), Paul Johansson (Sloane), Damon D’Oliveira (Sahjit Jinnah), Sonia Dhillon (Rayna), William de Vry (Joshua Doors), Vint Cerf (Cy Vincent)

Notes: Guest star Vint Cerf also served as the science advisor during the first season of Earth: Final Conflict. He was also one of the originators of the TCP/IP protocol that makes the entire internet possible, so in a way, he’s also responsible for the site hosting this episode listing. This episode mentions the plague unleashed in the preceeding episode produced, Infection… but Infection didn’t air on schedule, and was held back to air in July 1998, two months after this episode.

LogBook entry by Earl Green