Warriors’ Gate

Doctor WhoThe TARDIS is boarded in mid-flight – a virtually unthinkable event – by Biroc, a lion-like Tharil who seems to be on the run from something. He brings the TARDIS to the zero point – an intersection between E-space and N-space that could finally get the Doctor back to his home universe. This is also of interest to Rorvik, the captain of a space freighter carrying a load of Tharil slaves. Rorvik’s ship has been stranded here for some time, and his plans for escaping are growing more desperate and impractical. A mysterious and seemingly ancient gateway appears as space at the zero point begins to fall in upon itself. Romana is determined to free the Tharils from slavery, even if it means missing the chance to escape from E-space… but the Doctor learns the oppressed were once the oppressors, and there may be no justice for either party this time.

Download this episodewritten by Stephen Gallagher
directed by Paul Joyce
music by Peter Howell

Guest Cast: Clifford Rose (Rorvik), Kenneth Cope (Packard), David Weston (Biroc), Jeremy Gittins (Lazlo), Freddie Earle (Aldo), Harry Waters (Royce), David Kincaid (Lane), Vincent Pickering (Sagan), Robert Vowles (Gundan)

Broadcast from January 3 through 24, 1981

LogBook entry & review by Earl Green

Review: This story marks a world record – it’s the only time anyone thought to use the Doctor’s own scarf to try to strangle him (omitting numerous occasions on which the Doctor almost managed to achieve this on his own). Warriors’ Gate is a strange, high-concept story which jumps around in an occasionally confusing, non-linear fashion.

One minor goof – Adric seems to automatically know how to flip a coin, or toss a coin as K-9 tells him. This is the same kid who, when told by the Doctor to cross his fingers in Logopolis, made a cross as if he was warding off a vampire (which might have come in handy in State Of Decay). It would have rung true, and would have been funnier, if Adric had tossed the coin across the room rather than instantly catching on to this distinctly Earthly expression.