Doctor WhoRebellion is in the air on Karfel, a planet whose native population is enslaved by the Borad – a being which used to be one of them, but has now become a horrible genetic mutant. Tyranny is not the Borad’s only gift to Karfel – he has also brought the Timelash, a device that allows political prisoners to be “executed” by dumping them into a time corridor. The Borad has also brought Karfel to the brink of war with the Bandrils, a race of peaceful hand puppets. In the midst of this bleak landscape, the Doctor and Peri arrive, and find themselves racing against time to save the Karfelons from their own esteemed leader.

Order the DVDwritten by Glen McCoy
directed by Pennant Roberts
music by Elizabeth Parker

Cast: Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), JeanAnne Crowley (Vena), Eric Deacon (Mykros), Robert Ashby (The Borad), Paul Darrow (Tekker), David Chandler (Herbert), Denis Carey (Old Man), David Ashton (Kendron), Peter Robert Scott (Brunner), Dicken Ashworth (Sezom), Tracy Louise Ward (Katz), Christine Kavanaugh (Aram), Steven Mackintosh (Gazak), Dean Hollingsworth (Android), James Richardson (Guardolier), Martin Gower (Tyheer/Bandril Ambassador)

Broadcast from March 9 through 16, 1985

LogBook entry & review by Earl Green

Review: One of the worst Doctor Who stories of the 1980s, Timelash is saddled with ridiculously low production values, including the pyramid full of Christmas tinsel that passes for the Timelash itself, the dull sets (which are given a token explanation in the script), and of course, the Bandril character which is just a step away from being a sock puppet.

The guest stars are also uniformly bad as well, which is sad when the guest players include Paul Darrow (Avon of Blake’s 7 fame) and Denis Carey (who guest starred in the aborted Shada in 1979). Many of the younger actors seem to stumble through their roles with little skill or enthusiasm, though it’s just possible that, as with the audience, the cast were hopelessly confused by the script. I couldn’t really blame them.

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