The Tenth Planet Part 1

Doctor WhoThe TARDIS arrives at a military base on the South Pole in 1986. The base is routinely tracking a spacecraft in orbit when odd things begin to occur. The base guards discover a trio of oddly-dressed people outside, emerging from a police box, and then observatories (and the orbiting capsule) spot the approach of a planet which is identical in mass and geography to Earth. The planet, previously hidden on the other side of the sun, is speculated to be Mondas, Earth’s identical twin, though the planet’s existence was previously only the stuff of legend; the Doctor confirms this, almost as if he has been expecting its arrival. Undetected by the base personnel, a spacecraft from Mondas lands at the polar base, and its occupants stun the guards outside before advancing on the base itself…

Order this story on audio CDwritten by Kit Pedler (credited onscreen as “Kitt Pedler”)
and Pat Dunlap and Gerry Davis (not credited onscreen)
directed by Derek Martinus
music not credited

Doctor WhoCast: William Hartnell (The Doctor), Robert Beatty (General Cutler), Dudley Jones (Dyson), David Dodimead (Barclay), Alan White (Schultz), Earl Cameron (Williams), Shane Shelton (Tito), John Brandon (American Sergeant), Anneke Wills (Polly), Michael Craze (Ben), Steve Plytas (Wigner), Christopher Matthews (Radar technician)

LogBook entry by Earl Green