The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

Doctor WhoOn the rooftop of an apartment building in New York City, the Doctor befriends a boy named Grant, entrusting him to hold onto an alien artifact for a moment. As Grant has a cold, and knows that his new friend is a doctor, he assumes the artifact is some sort of pill and swallows it, to the Doctor’s horror.

The Doctor returns years later, discovering that Grant has assumed a secret identity as the Ghost, a superhero with a habit of saving the day and then being summoned away when a device that he carries lights up. In reality, the device is a baby monitor…and Grant, in between super feats, pays the bills by working as a nanny, babysitting for a reporter he’s known (and had a crush on) since grade school. But the Doctor has also discovered a silent alien invasion of Earth, a years-long plan that’s much further along than most. And while he’s upset that Grant is drawing attention to himself rather than keeping his powers a secret, the Doctor will need the Ghost’s help to save the human race.

Order the DVDwritten by Steven Moffat
directed by Ed Bazalgette
music by Murray Gold

Doctor WhoCast: Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Matt Lucas (Nardole), Justin Chatwin (Grant), Charity Wakefield (Lucy), Tomiwa Edun (Mr. Brock), Aleksandar Jovanovic (Mr. Sim), Logan Hoffman (young Grant), Daniel Lorente (teen Grant), Sandra Teles (Reporter), Tanroh Ishida (Operator), Vaughn Johseph (Soldier)

Notes: The Doctor says that time travel is complicated in New York City, and that it’s his fault, a reference to the Doctor Whotangle of temporal energy left behind in the wake of The Angels Take Manhattan (2012). Nardole was introduced in the preceeding story, The Husbands Of River Song, which happened to be the previous year’s Christmas special, hence the Doctor’s “being away” for a long time is both a meta reference and a hint that he spent years in the company of River Song. The Doctor somehow removed Nardole from King Hydroflax and “reassembled” him (in Nardole’s words); Nardole would remain with the 12th Doctor for the duration of Capaldi’s final season.

LogBook entry by Earl Green