State Of Decay

Doctor WhoStill trapped in E-Space, the Doctor, Romana, K-9 and – unbeknownst to them – stowaway Adric arrive on a planet whose nomadic people live in deference to a trio of well-dressed royals – but their rulers are, in fact, vampires who worship an even more powerful vampire known as the Great One. The Doctor knows of the Great One too, recalling passages of ancient Gallifreyan history involving a pitch battle between Rassilon and the vampire race. The Doctor also realizes that the pieces are in place here to defeat the Great One once and for all, but before he can put his desperate plan into action, he may have already lost Adric to the vampires.

Download this episodewritten by Terrance Dicks
directed by Peter Moffatt
music by Paddy Kingsland

Guest Cast: William Lindsay (Zargo), Rachel Davies (Camilla), Emrys James (Aukon), Iain Rattray (Habris), Thane Bettany (Tarak), Arthur Hewlett (Kalmar), Stacy Davies (Veros), Clinton Greyn (Ivo), Rhoda Lewis (Marta), Dead Allen (Karl), Stuart Blake (Zoldaz), Stuart Fell (Roga), Alan Chuntz (Guard)

Original Title: The Wasting

Broadcast from November 22 through December 13, 1980

LogBook entry & review by Earl Green

Review: Man, if this didn’t open a can of worms later on. After State Of Decay, you could scarcely mention vampires in Doctor Who – whether on TV or in print – without bringing Rassilon into it. (That was one of the reasons I loved The Curse Of Fenric so much – not a single mention!) Though it’s certainly atmospheric, there’s really not much that’s new or innovative in this four-parter. It’s momentarily interesting to think that Adric might sell out his new friends because life among the bloodsuckers may offer more promise. (Actually, considering what happened when Adric later helped the Doctor fight the Cybermen, one wonders…)

On a more macabre note, take a look at how thin Tom Baker is in this story, even moreso than usual. He was suffering from a digestive disorder at the time and lost an unhealthy amount of weight during the location shoot.