Snow Blind

Sarah Jane Smith: Snow BlindTwo months after her brush with death in Italy, Sarah is still recuperating from being shot, and planning to pay the Morgan expedition in Antarctica (and Will Sullivan) a visit. Josh insists on going with her, not quite trusting how conveniently a close relative of an old friend has insinuated himself into Sarah’s life. When they arrive there, however, all is not well – Will is sporting a black eye, tensions are running high among the small team at the isolated Antarctic base, and it seems that Sarah can’t get a straight answer to any straight questions. She begins to worry that another Krynoid seed pod has been found, but something else is happening behind the scenes – something deadly, and something that has a connection to the secret order whose members tried to murder Sarah in Italy.

Order this CDwritten by David Bishop
directed by John Ainsworth
music by Steve Foxon

Cast: Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Jeremy James (Josh), Tom Chadbon(Will Sullivan), Nicholas Briggs (Munro), Julia Righton (Morgane), Jack Galagher (Jack), Shaun Ley (Newsreader), Jacqueline Pearce (The Keeper), David Gooderson (Dexter), Stephen Greif (Sir Donald Wakefield)

Notes: Sarah’s previous visit to Antarctica and her encounter with a Krynoid seed pod took place in the televised 1976 Doctor Who story Seeds Of Doom.

LogBook entry by Earl Green