No Place Like Home

Doctor Who: No Place Like HomeThe Doctor is giving Erimem a tour around the TARDIS, but begins to lose track of where he is inside his own ship. When the timeship’s power fades, the Doctor knows that some outside force is acting on his TARDIS… or is it something on the inside? The Doctor and Erimem discover that a new life form has evolved within the TARDIS itself, and finally it has gained the sentience and knowledge required to take control. The Doctor hopes he can reason with the being, but the creature seems to have other ideas…

written by Iain McLaughlin
directed by Gary Russell
music by David Darlington

Cast: Peter Davison (The Doctor), Caroline Morris (Erimem), Mark Donovan (Rovie), Nicholas Briggs (Shayde)

Notes: The character of Shayde, an artificial intelligence spawned from the Time Lords’ Matrix itself, was created by writer Steve Parkhouse for the first fifth Doctor comic strip, “The Tides Of Time” (issues #61-67 of Doctor Who Monthly, 1982; art by Dave Gibbons).

Timeline: between The Eye Of The Scorpion and The Church And The Crown

Logbook entry and TheatEar review by Earl Green

Review A short, one-episode adventure on a free CD gracing the cover of Doctor Who Magazine #325 (February 2003), No Place Like Home is a mildly amusing little tale with some of that trademark forced drama that used to characterize Peter Davison’s reign – so in that regard, Big Finish got it just right. As with the last free Doctor Who Magazine CD, a character from the comics (Shayde, uncredited in the cast) appears, but again we’re given a brief (and not really intrusive to the story) introduction to the character to bring us up to speed. Overall, it’s an entertaining short trip in the TARDIS, not too deep, and good for a quick listen. (The remainder of the CD was taken up by a special preview edition of the first episode of Dalek Empire II: Dalek War.)