Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

Sarah Jane Smith: Mirror, Signal, ManoeuvreSarah leaves the country on assignment, ignoring frantic warnings from Natalie that a reporter from Sarah’s former employer, Planet 3, is tailing her. Even when those warnings become even more ominous ones that the Planet 3 reporter is not, in fact, a Planet 3 reporter, and even after Sarah has met the “reporter” and figured out that something doesn’t add up, she forges ahead with her story. Josh is at Sarah’s new home when the place is robbed, and even though the robbers rough Josh up, he sees them take the non-functional K-9. Natalie discovers more evidence about the “reporter” Sarah has befriended, discovering that she has a connection to a group whose former members could be out to destroy Sarah’s career, if not Sarah herself. But Sarah isn’t looking ahead for these signs anymore – only over her shoulder.

Order this CDwritten by Peter Anghelides
directed by Gary Russell
music by David Darlington

Cast: Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Jeremy James (Josh Townsend), Patricia Maynard (Miss Winters), Sadie Miller (Natalie Redfern), Robin Bowerman (Harris), Louise Faulkner (Wendy Jennings), Peter Miles (Dr. Brandt), Toby Longworth (Taxi Driver), Mark Donovan (Taxi Driver)

Notes: Sarah ran afoul of Miss Winters in the first Tom Baker Doctor Who story, Robot, when she helped to expose the criminal activities of Maynard’s SRS organization. As with the Big Finish UNIT plays, this story dates Robot in the 1980s, rather than that story’s original mid-1970s airdate. Miss Winters and her cohorts steal K-9 to use his voice synthesizer to try to plant misleading evidence in Sarah’s own voice, though it’s implied that he had ceased to function before he was stolen. (This tallies, more or less, with Sarah’s account in the 2006 TV episode School Reunion, in which the tenth Doctor finally repairs him.)

LogBook entry by Earl Green