Meanwhile In The TARDIS #2

Doctor WhoAlarmed at Amy’s amorous advances following their narrow escape from the Weeping Angels, the Doctor struggles to explain that Amy isn’t his first companion – and that all of them were simply friends. Amy gains access to the TARDIS’ records of its own past occupants, and is most amused that, despite the Doctor’s insistence that his companions have all been platonic friends, the past roster of Team TARDIS skews heavily female.

Order the DVDwritten by Steven Moffat
director not credited
music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: none

Meanwhile In The TARDISNotes: This scene, available only as a DVD bonus feature, takes place immediately after the end of the episode Flesh And Stone, and leads into The Vampires Of Venice. Among the past TARDIS travelers shown are Susan, Zoe, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant, both of Romana’s known incarnations, Peri, Martha Jones, Rose, Donna, Polly, Victoria and Tegan. Male companions and “the robot dog” are notable by their absence. The TARDIS also seems to respond directly to the Doctor’s voice commands, a first for the series. The Meanwhile In The TARDIS featurettes were written and shot after the episodes they reference, and as such aren’t really “deleted scenes”.

LogBook entry by Earl Green