Meanwhile In The TARDIS #1

Doctor WhoStill adjusting to the strange alien environs she’s found inside what seems to be a Police Box (and still wondering what exactly a Police Box is, since they’re before her time), Amy has quite a list of questions for the Doctor. The Doctor tries to answer them quickly so he can move on to the much more important business of introducing Amy to the wonders of time and space.

Order the DVDwritten by Steven Moffat
director not credited
music by Murray Gold

Guest Cast: none

Meanwhile In The TARDISNotes: This scene, available only as a DVD bonus feature, takes place immediately after the end of the episode The Eleventh Hour, and leads directly into the first scene of The Beast Below – those two adventures take place with only this short scene between them. Some of the Doctor’s past work on the chameleon circuit (Logopolis, Attack Of The Cybermen) may have, in fact, worked, but here he notices a new quirk in the TARDIS’ behavior: in the first nanosecond of materialization, it scans its environment to determine how best to blend in, but his TARDIS in particular then stubbornly chooses to appear as a Police Box regardless of the information gathered. The Meanwhile In The TARDIS featurettes were written and shot after the episodes they reference, and as such aren’t really “deleted scenes”.

LogBook entry by Earl Green