Dalek Empire IV: The Fearless – Part 1

Dalek Empire IV: The FearlessOn the backwater planet of Talis Minor, Salus Kade has a decent life; he helps to bring home the food that feeds his people, he has a wife and daughter – and he wants absolutely nothing to do with the war raging between the Earth Alliance and the Dalek Empire. When he finds Earth soldiers holding a recruitment drive in the middle of his home town, he’s not pleased, and he’s not afraid of them until he discovers that the “recruiting” is just for show and it’s actually a forced conscription drive. Even as he rallies his own people around him by denouncing the Earth Alliance’s tyranny, the Daleks themselves arrive – and a catastrophic attack helps to change Kade’s mind. He enlists, along with many other men from his community, and ends up leading a battallion of Earth and allied soldiers in the Alliance’s newest gear: a sealed, self-contained armored spacesuit which is practically its own interstellar vehicle and weapons platform built around one man. Designed specifically to combat the Daleks, these suits are worn only by the Earth Alliance’s elite troopers, code named the Fearless. But Kade’s latest mission into the teeth of the Dalek war machine is enough to strike at least a little fear into his heart…

Order this CDwritten by Nicholas Briggs
directed by Nicholas Briggs
music by Nicholas Briggs

Cast: Noel Clarke (Salus Kade), Maureen O’Brien (General Agnes Landen), Nicholas Briggs (The Daleks), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), John Schwab (Lt. Carlisle), Oliver Mellor (Egan Fisk), David Yip (Kennedy), Ginita Jimenez (Lajitta), Colin Spaul (Colonel Baxter), Ian Brooker (General Croft / Shuttle Pilot), Sean Connolly (Computer / Pilot / Aide), Alex Mallinson (Gaz), Esther Ruth Elliott (Flight Control)

LogBook entry by Earl Green