.Doctor WhoThe Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara are sprawled across the floor of the TARDIS console room after some kind of accident. The TARDIS itself won’t let them exit, and gives very vague readings as to what may be outside. And something appears to be affecting the minds of its occupants…could that something be the TARDIS itself, trying to warn them of their own impending doom?

written by David Whitaker
directed by Richard Martin and Frank Cox
music not credited

Guest Cast: none

Broadcast from February 8 through 15, 1964

LogBook entry & review by Earl Green

Review: A nice, simple little story, this two-parter (what a relief after The Daleks!) is sidetracked by some occasionally goofy acting, especially from Carole Ann Ford, who as Susan seems to shriek at almost anything that moves over the course of the story. Though many later Doctor Who stories spent a lot of time – in a few cases, too much time – aboard the TARDIS, this one is famous for never even leaving the TARDIS. Normally, “stuck aboard the ship” episodes of science fiction series are used to develop the characters, but in this case, it’s hard to pick any characterization out of the show because the stars have all been possessed, or they’re in shock, or something, and they don’t even know who they are. It’s easy to imagine something more worthwhile to do with two half hours in the TARDIS control room.