Dalek War Chapter I

Dalek War Chapter IThe war between the Daleks who have overrun Earth’s solar system and the Daleks from an alternate dimension has not gone well. Kalendorf has taken a position at the head of the combined human/alternate-Dalek fleet, fighting for the liberation of the galaxy. Alby Brook has sought isolation and oblivion, choosing to stay away from the main action as he mourns the fate of Suz Mendes. Suz is also the subject of an intensive search by the Daleks. And Mirana seems to have found her before the Daleks can – but in so doing has delayed a rendezvous with Alby, leaving him in a potentially precarious situation. But what has happened to Suz in the meantime? Is she still dedicated to the resistance…or is she in the thrall of the Daleks?

Order this CDwritten by Nicholas Briggs
directed by Nicholas Briggs
music by Nicholas Briggs

Cast: Gareth Thomas (Kalendorf), Mark McDonnell (Alby Brook), Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Teresa Gallagher (Mirana), Steven Elder (Siy Tarkov), Karen Henson (Saloran Hardew), Ian Brooker (Marber / Drudger), Hannah Smith (The Mentor), Simon Bridge (Dr. Johnstone), Jeremy James (Herrick), Dannie Carr (Morli), Nicholas Briggs (Daleks)

LogBook entry by Earl Green