Episode 3

Dark SeasonMere hours are left before Mr. Eldritch’s plan comes to fruition: the mass activation of the Abyss computers by their eager recipients will allow him to take over their minds. Eldritch kidnaps Mr. Polzinski and Reet and takes them to the Abyss computer factory, located in a secluded old castle, where he gloats that the former Professor Polzinski’s pioneering computer research has made this event possible. Marcie and Thomas convince their teacher to take them to the Abyss factory; even though she’s skeptical, she drops them off there before returning home. Marcie really has no idea how to stop Mr. Eldritch, but Professor Polzinski – who is not in the Abyss factory – does have a plan.

Dark Seasonwritten by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Cast: Tim Barker (Dr. Osley), Samantha Cahill (Olivia), Ben Chandler (Thomas), Rosalie Critchley (Mrs. Polzinski), Brigit Forsyth (Miss Maitland), Victoria Lambert (Marcie), Roger Milner (Headmaster), Grant Parsons (Mr. Eldritch), Cyril Shaps (Mr. Polzinski), Kate Winslet (Reet)

Notes: Dark Season effectively tells two complete stories in its six-episode run, and this episode concludes the Eldritch/Abyss storyline, even though elements of it dovetail in the second story told in the final three episodes. The BBC was reportedly taken aback by the fact that the story seemed to wrap up three episodes into a six-episode run.

LogBook entry by Earl Green