PrimevalIn 2050, England is about to launch a massive space station, the crowning achievement of British technology. As preparations for launch continue, the BBC invites housewife Gertrude Noah to visit the launch pad and the station, which she describes as “fancy.” But a runaway reaction occurs in the station’s launch engines, and mission control – unaware that a few crew members and civilians are aboard the station for a live broadcast – launches the station for the safety of those on the ground. Without a full crew possessing the necessary expertise to land the station properly, Mrs. Noah is stuck in orbit with a reporter named Clive and three station crew members who seem oblivious as to how anything works.

Come Back, Mrs. Noahwritten by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
directed by Bob Spiers
music by John Scott / theme song by David Croft

Cast: Mollie Sugden (Mrs. Noah), Ian Lavender (Clive Cunliffe), Donald Hewlett (Carstairs), Michael Knowles (Fanshaw), Robert Gillespie (Mission Controller), Ann Michelle (Assistant Controller), Joe Black (Garstang), Jennifer Lonsdale (The Technician), Gorden Kaye (The Television Presenter)

Notes: Come Back Mrs. Noah was created by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft, the creators of Are You Being Served?, and starred one of that show’s stars, Mollie Sugden. This series was produced during the long gap between the fifth and sixth seasons of Are You Being Served?.

LogBook entry by Earl Green