In Orbit

PrimevalWith the Britannia 7 space station still stuck in orbit without a qualified crew, Mrs. Noah and the others aboard set about trying to work out the basics of surviving in orbit. When the space station is equipped with such modern marvels as an artificial “space chicken” that disgorges sausage-like strings of eggs, it begins to look as though survival may be a bit more complicated than anyone thought. In the meantime, the BBC kindly provides two-way communication between those stranded on the space station and their families on Earth, and Mrs. Noah discovers that Mr. Noah has been comforted by their buxom next door neighbor.

Come Back, Mrs. Noahwritten by Jeremy Lloyd & David Croft
directed by Bob Spiers
music by John Scott / theme song by David Croft

Cast: Mollie Sugden (Mrs. Noah), Ian Lavender (Clive Cunliffe), Donald Hewlett (Carstairs), Michael Knowles (Fanshaw), Tim Barrett (Mission Controller), Ann Michelle (Assistant Controller), Joe Black (Garstang), Jennifer Lonsdale (The Technician), Gorden Kaye (The Television Presenter), Norman Mitchell (Mr. Noah), Diana King (Mrs. Carstairs), Raymond Bowers (Professor Holzburger), Jennifer Guy (Ivy Basset), Kenneth MacDonald (Space Man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green