Episode Four

ChockyMatthew’s parents quiz him about a series of drawings they find in his room, some of them surprisingly realistic and some very impressionistic, and after some prodding he admits that he drew them under Chocky’s influence. Chocky now appears to Matthew as an ethereal blue floating mass of energy, and speaks aloud to him. With a family vacation just around the corner, Matthew asks Chocky to stay away from him…but he doesn’t expect to be taken quite so literally. The family vacation proceeds with no sign of anything unusual…until a boat with no one in it barrels toward the wooden dock where Matthew and his younger sister are fishing.

written by Anthony Read
based on the novel by John Wyndham
directed by Vic Hughes
music not credited

ChockyCast: James Hazeldine (David), Carol Drinkwater (Mary), Andrew Ellams (Matthew), Zoe Hart (Polly), Colin McCormack (Alan), Penny Brownjohn (Phyl), Devin Stanfield (Colin), Kathleen Cotty (Emma), Glynis Brooks (Chocky’s voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green